Thursday, January 31, 2008

Upapada and Marriage

Upapada Matching

Upapada is the arudha of the 12th house in any horoscope. This is computed by counting as many houses from the 12th lord as the lord gained from the 12th house. If the upapada falls in the 12th or the 6th house, then count 1oth from the sign again to arrive at the final upapada.

Upapada tells a lot about the spouse, one who is committed to follow you for the whole lifetime or at least for the duration of the marriage. The various results related to upapada can be studied from jyotish classics such as Brhat Parashara Hora Shastra or Upadesha Sutras of maharishi Jaimini. The matching of Upapada is very crucial as this shows, how the images of the partners are related to each other and hence has a strong say on the marital affairs and harmony. The matching criteria for upapada is given below-

1. The Lagna of the bride should be in trine or 7th from the Upapada or in the paka upapada and vice versa.

2. The Upapada and AL should be placed in Kendra or Trine or 3/11 to each other. Otherwise, this shows lack of harmony in the relationship.

3. The 2nd of Upapada rules the longevity of the marriage. If the 2nd house or the lord is afflicted by malefics such as nodes, then the marriage can be in serious troubles. This is also true if the lord is debilitated and aspected by malefics.

4. The remedy of all marriage troubles is to fast on the day ruled by the Upapada lord.

Marriage date

1. Marriage should normally occur in an odd year of the male and even year of the female. Otherwise this forebodes troubles.

2. Marriage should happen when Jupiter aspects or transits the 2nd from Upapada.

Sarajit Poddar.


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